Classic Fine Foods General Managers

Our business has been developed by each of our General Managers. They and their teams are the key driver of success with our customers. A brief profile of our General Manager's is shown below.

Thomas Leroy (UAE & Singapore)

Thomas-LeroyPassion for excellence is the motto of Thomas Leroy. Thomas cultivates his commitment to excellence through a fine product selection, a high attention and care to customers and successful managerial skills.

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Jacques Cosset (Malaysia)

Jacques-Cosset Jacques Cosset joined CFF in 2000 and opened the Malaysian office in January 2001 after spending the previous years as General Manager and Export Consultant in various industries.

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Olivier Batel (UK)

Olivier-BatelAfter studying Business in both Paris & San Francisco, Olivier Batel went straight on gaining international management experience working for Bridor. 

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Malik Roumane (Japan)

Malik-RoumaneMalik is a French Business school graduate who also did an undergraduate program on international trade with a focus on Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and has broad experience of the Japanese market as a whole (having worked for 14 years in Japan).

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