Brenda Ramos (Philippines)


Brenda-RamosBrenda Ramos graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila where she holds a double degree in BS Psychology and Marketing Management. She began her career as a banker at Standard Chartered where she held junior positions in Personal Banking. With a giant leap of faith, she followed her heart and joined the world of food business. Beginning her career in the late 90’s with Angliss Philippines, she has spent the last fifteen years involved in the passion for fine foods. She held the position of General Manager since 2001, responsible for Classic Fine Foods Philippines. She loves to spend time focusing on product sourcing and commercial activities. With her brimming enthusiasm for good food, she travels all over the globe to find rare and authentic ingredients for her chefs back home. With a focus on people at the core of everything she does, Brenda has implemented a range of initiatives at CFF Philippines that have begun to significantly enhance customer service levels and a unique multi-disciplinary system that utilizes a range of check points to drive efficiency holistically across the company.

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