But why are we so awesome? The list of reasons is pretty long but let’s focus on the most important ones here.

Firstly, we work in a fascinating industry with some of the best chefs in the world! Working with Classic Fine Foods means discovering new gourmet ingredients, tasting some of the most amazing products and getting all excited because our products end up on the menu of the new fine dining restaurant in town.

Secondly, we are awesome because we are passionate. Passion is what makes Classic Fine Foods a great place to work. We are passionate about our products, our customers, our partners and we are lucky to work with customers and partners who are as passionate as we are, which in turn makes our day-to-day job very fulfilling.

Last but not least, we are awesome because we care! We are like one big family who all look after one another. Classic Fine Foods promotes a family-like culture with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we believe that it creates the perfect place for people to grow and become even more awesome!

Our people

Who are the faces behind Classic Fine Foods? Here are some of them! Working across our 11 countries, we are a rich melting pot with about 40 different nationalities. We all bring something different to the table and it is this that makes the company successful.

Work with us

Well, if you'd like to work with us, we think it is only fair that you know what you might be signing up for! If you are looking for a company promoting diversity in the workplace, a strong team spirit and an open-minded culture, you are definitely looking in the right place.

Discover our departments

From HR and Sales to Finance and Marketing, let’s dive into our different Classic Fine Foods departments. This is the opportunity to meet some of our staff so you can gain a better understanding of their role and mission within the company.

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