The Marketing teams at Classic Fine Foods are here to make sure all their customers stay up-to-date with everything exciting going on in the company, including the latest product launches, events, offers and so much more!

The Marketing role at Classic Fine Foods covers a wide range of marketing activities and the main aim is to develop a strong brand locally. The Marketing departments work closely with brand partners and are in charge of building a yearly marketing plan based on marketing analysis and understanding the clients. This requires the departments to work closely with the sales teams in order to gain a deeper understanding of the clients' needs.

The Marketing departments develop a large range of marketing strategies and use multiple methods to promote Classic FineFoods and our other brands, brand partners, products and activities. This includes printed marketing (catalogues, leaflets, invitations), seasonal marketing (specific campaigns focusing on a key moment such as Easter or Christmas), promotional marketing (promotional offers, gifts, hampers, sampling operations), digital marketing (websites, social media, blogs), direct marketing (emailing and newsletters), events, sponsoring, partnerships or PR operations. There is so much to do that each day is different and exciting!

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Jodi Group Creative Designer United Kingdom

I am the Group Graphic Designer, and our main goal is to provide a set of guidelines and graphics for all Classic Fine Foods globally, enabling each country to address their own marketing needs, whilst maintaining a consistent voice worldwide. I really enjoy the variety of work. Projects are continually on-the-go and evolving. From the ideation of a logo, to a brand event or our internal magazine, Culinary Regards, I find it all exciting. It’s the variety that keeps me passionate and inspired. I feel a great sense of fulfilment when I hold/see the final version of a project. Especially when the outcome positively impacts the company; that's what drives me to keep on innovating. I’m proud of my positive contribution which helps to develop branding tools, look & feel and comms, e.g. by designing the websites for Classic Fine Foods and TheTasteLab. I’m here to tell our customers what we already know – that, ‘We select the best from the world & bring it to you!

Jodi - Group Creative Designer - United Kingdom

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