The Marketing department is the heart and soul of Classic Fine Foods' organisation. They are there to make sure all our customers stay up-to-date with everything exciting going on in the company, including the latest product launches, events and so much more!

Our Marketing teams promote the brand locally within their respective countries and work closely with the sales teams to gain a deep understanding of the clients' needs. Working in the Marketing department is fast-paced, interesting and exciting; whether it’s about promoting our products and brands, or our brand partners or activities, there is never a dull moment. The teams work on things such as catalogues, leaflets, invitations, and seasonal campaigns such as Easter or Christmas, as well as websites, social media, blogs, events and sponsorships, to name but a few. Each day is different!

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Jodi Group Creative Designer United Kingdom

I am the Group Graphic Designer, and our main goal is to provide a set of guidelines and graphics for all Classic Fine Foods globally, enabling each country to address their own marketing needs, whilst maintaining a consistent voice worldwide. I really enjoy the variety of work. Projects are continually on-the-go and evolving. From the ideation of a logo, to a brand event or our internal magazine, Culinary Regards, I find it all exciting. It’s the variety that keeps me passionate and inspired. I feel a great sense of fulfilment when I hold/see the final version of a project. Especially when the outcome positively impacts the company; that's what drives me to keep on innovating. I’m proud of my positive contribution which helps to develop branding tools, look & feel and comms, e.g. by designing the websites for Classic Fine Foods and TheTasteLab. I’m here to tell our customers what we already know – that, ‘We select the best from the world & bring it to you!

Jodi - Group Creative Designer - United Kingdom

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As the Marketing Manager for Classic Fine Foods UK, I am in charge of getting our message across to our customer base through innovative marketing campaigns, driving brand awareness, engagement and conversion. I manage the Marketing team, ensuring brand consistency and driving creativity within the team in order to propel Classic Fine Foods to the next level. What I like the most about Classic Fine Foods is that I have the opportunity to work with such passionate and dedicated people, either Chefs who are passionate about exceptional ingredients, or our partners, producers and farmers who are so enthusiastic and committed to creating the best gourmet products. My favorite type of workday is when we have a client event and we can showcase some of our new products or partners. We recently organised a very successful event to showcase our new Wagyu beef range from Japan and Australia. There is nothing better than to see Chefs enjoying our products and looking forward to adding them to their menus! At the moment, I am working on the launch of our next product catalogue where we will showcase our best sellers and new products. This is such a big and exciting project as we will feature thousands of our products in one beautiful catalogue. With this tool, we will be able to show the diversity of our products and reinforce our positioning: “To bring you the very best from around the world".

Ophelie - Marketing Manager - United Kingdom

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