24 June 2020

It is happening in our company

It is happening in our company

Now that the UK Government has officially announced that bars, pubs & restaurants can re-open on July 4th, Classic Fine Foods UK is thrilled to announce that they are back into full operation after 102 days of lockdown, 102…

All of their teams are in the starting blocks, ready & eager to tackle the market, curious to see how the new normal unfolds. Most restaurants have had to be creative and re-invent new ways of serving customers by adapting their menus for take-away & delivery, changing their dining rooms layouts to respect social distancing, pre-selling future meals to stay alive (and sane!) or even by re-creating their concept altogether. All CFF’s have also had to quickly adapt to the pandemic situation but what has not changed is the quality of the products, the enthusiasm of the sales teams, the awesome customer service, and the great drivers!

Classic Fine Foods UK, as well as Classic Deli & Classic Harvest now delivers 6 days/week, with 2 deliveries/day.