8 June 2019

Now in Singapore:
TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods!

Now in Singapore:

TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods Singapore opened in April 2018 under the watchful eye of their Pastry Chef, José Luis Del Amo.

José is a highly trained pastry chef with an in-depth knowledge of international pastry that includes all the classics, modern pastry and the very latest cutting edge trends. He believes in modernising classic recipes to make them lighter, using less sugar and fat whilst still maintaining all the flavours and textures. After starting his career in Barcelona at Patisserie Comas and the OMM Hotel, he moved to London and worked for Zuma, Roka, Belle Epoque Patisserie and Orée Boulangerie before joining the pastry team at The Langham Hotel.

This new opening followed the launch of TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods in London in 2016 and the objective is to open more TheTasteLab kitchens in other megacities where Classic Fine Foods operates in the coming years.

TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods Singapore is a place for chefs to meet, share their experiences and learn in a relaxed, yet highly professional environment. TheTasteLab offers a programme of Pastry and Cuisine classes and a variety of events including training courses, workshops, demonstrations and culinary journeys. These are run either by the resident Pastry chef, José Luis Del Amo in Singapore, or by some of the world’s greatest chefs. TheTasteLab is proud of the opportunity they give chefs to hone their skills, learn new techniques and stimulate their creativity.