5 October 2022

It was a thrill to RECONNECT!

It was a thrill to RECONNECT!

On September 4th 2022, Classic Fine Foods partners and colleagues cheerfully gathered at TheTasteLab Singapore for a long awaited get together before the Food and Hotel Asia opening. Four years after the latest edition, people from around the world were finally able to meet in person.


Classic Fine Foods’ CEO Jens Michel shared his vision about the company’s direction while the Board members and General Managers gave an update on their latest accomplishments and upcoming projects.

Needless to say, a fine selection of dishes, prepared by Matteo Pertoldi and Jose Luis Del Amo, covering culinary traditions from various European and Asian countries, mixing classic and modern ingredients, was served throughout the evening, ending with a scrumptious & elegant Saint Honoré for dessert.

During the event,  guests were invited to write messages on the wall, specially made for the occasion, and it was great to see so many positive and touching messages.  It was a fantastic time to finally be in the same room again to exchange, talk, listen, and share.