Beyond our products, we want to tell the stories of the people who create them. When we select a partner or a product, we pay particular attention to how the product has been created and which production methods have been chosen. We opt for artisanal gestures and the importance of the hands shaping those extraordinary products. We want to work with artisans instead of industrials, those who take their time to produce a churned and kneaded butter or to cure a ham and those who choose extensive production methods respecting animals and the environment. From the cocoa grower in the Dominican Republic to the Scottish fisherman and the French cheese maker, they all share the passion for their products and handle the raw materials with care, precision and delicacy. They are the experts in their domain and we value their knowledge and savoir faire.


The origins of the products are primordial when it comes to sourcing our products. From the spring pastures of New Zealand to the pineapple plantations of Reunion Island and the turquoise lagoons of New Caledonia, our products will definitely make you dream and travel but not only. The quality and richness of the soil as well as the climate, for example, has a huge influence on the quality of the products and we want to select the best nature has to offer. Most of our products come from the most renowned locations, many of them being untouched and preserved and giving space for the animals to roam freely outdoors and live a happy life. We select partners that will look for the best origins to create their products and also respect the natural environment.


We are proud to say that we partner with brands selecting the best varieties of fruit or vanilla or the most incredible breeds when it comes to pigs or cows. Our products are truly incredible because the raw material behind them is unique, carefully selected and taken care of. Our partners pay attention to the feeding program given to the animals and will let the prawns reach full maturity before harvesting them or the fruits reach peak ripeness before transforming them into a fruit puree. It requires expertise and patience. Animal welfare is definitely at the heart of our product selection and we choose farmers and breeders that have a strong commitment to animal welfare. We are also committed to finding partners who can guarantee the purest and most natural tasting products.